Cajóngroep P. D. in action

The Cajóngroep P. D. rehearses weekly in De Drumstudio and plays pieces ranging from pure Peruvian, to Cuban, to Spanish to pop songs like Riddles from Kensington. In the 2017/2018 season the group can be seen at various locations.

On Friday evening 22 September 2017 Cajóngroep P.D. during the first edition of the Nightwalk Emmen in Emmen.

Nightwalk Emmen is a walking event through the center (and direct surroundings) of Emmen of about 7.5 km length. The focus is not so much on walking performance, but above all on the cosiness, atmosphere and experience of a walk in the dark.

The walk takes you to various attractive locations in Emmen (the highlights of Emmen), where activities take place in the field of culture (theater, dance, art, music etc.) and sports.

Nightwalk Emmen is a ‘charity event’. With the proceeds of the registration fees, charities in Emmen and region are supported.