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Freedom Cajón Drums (Peter Deiman and Dinant Dekker) started in 2006 as VOF with the publication of the book + DVD Cajón in Rockmusic and the sale of the Freedom Cajón. A few years later, the second edition of the book with new DVD appeared, which was also available in English and German from that time on. We rejected the sale of cajones because of the now large number of (online) sales outlets of all kinds of cajones.

We organized five cajón festivals with international guests, such as Xavi Turull, Alex Acuna, Roger Blavia, David Mortara and Pete Lockett. Supplemented by musicians such as Alides Hidding, Frederique Spigt, Jan van der Meij, Syb van der Ploeg, Dilana, Erwin Nyhoff, Cesar Zuiderwijk and bands like Marathon Men and LSB Experience. And of course always of the party: Margaretha Kleine and the Cajónggroup Peter Deiman.

The book proves its strength time after time. The cajón workshops by Peter are a hit. In the spring of 2018, book sales were transferred to the Peter company: Peter Pen Music and Text Productions.

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