With a cajón workshop by Peter Deiman you get a world-wide act. Rhythms from all over the world sound like a bell on the cajón.

Whether it’s Peruvian, Spanish, African, South American or a nice popgroove. One moment it is en masse, one rhythm is played by the whole group, a little later different rhythms are played by different groups at the same time.

Everything step-by-step rehearsed until the grooves smoothly roll out. With a suitcase full of authentic small percussion instruments, the playing pieces are further decorated.
Eye-catcher is the original Peruvian donkey jaw. The workshops are larded with music fragments and pieces of film about how things are going on in Cajón’s motherland Peru, for example.

Peter Deiman has special workshops for 20 pure Peruvian cajóns, handmade for him by the famous builder Pedro Rodriquez from Lima.

In recent years, Peter Deiman has conducted hundreds of workshops for children, students and adults, including through Double Sided, CQ Emmen, NTM Percussion Assen, GGZ, De Kunstbeweging, Muzerie Zwolle, Artez Enschede, De Amer, Vancore Joure, Penitentiary Fixture Veenhuizen, ICO Assen and companies like Ardagh.


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